クリエイティブイノベーション部門 総務大臣賞/ACC グランプリ受賞!



国内最大級のアワード「ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS」のクリエイティブイノベーション部門にて、東京大学大学院工学系研究科 染谷研究室・大日本印刷が開発し、R&Dがプロモーションムービー・プレスグラフィックの企画・制作を担当した「スキンエレクトロ二クス」が、最高賞の総務大臣賞 / ACC グランプリを受賞しました。

「スキンエレクトロニクス」とは、薄型で伸縮自在なスキンディスプレイで、スキンセンサーで計測された心電波形の動画を、皮膚上に貼り付けたスキンディスプレイに表示できるセンサーシステムです。R&Dでは、同研究室の染谷隆夫教授が、2018年2月17日に行われたAAAS*のANNUAL MEETING Press Briefingに登壇する際に上映した「AAASプロモーションムービー」を企画・制作しました。


※AAASとは、アメリカ科学振興協会(American Association for the Advancement of Science)の略称であり、科学者間の協力を促進し、科学的自由を守り、科学界からの情報発信を奨励し、全人類の幸福のために科学教育をサポートする組織。

Producer:諏訪 翔一
Director / Planner:伊原 亮
Color Grading / Online Editor:二階堂 正美
Account Executive:森下 なつみ
Mixer:森田 明宏
Assistant Mixer:藤原 礼実

"Skin electronics", which was jointly developed by Someya Laboratory, Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo and Dai Nippon Printing, and for which R&D was in charge of planning and production of a promotional movie and press graphics, has won the highest prize of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / ACC Grand Prix at the Creative Innovation Division of one of the largest domestic awards "ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS" in Japan.

"Skin electronics" is sensor system where a thin, stretchable skin display displays motion video of the electrocardiographic waveform measured with a skin sensor, which is displayed on the skin display stuck on the skin. At R&D, we planned and produced a "promotional movie for AAAS", which Professor Takao Someya of the same laboratory screened during a presentation in the AAAS* ANNUAL MEETING Press Briefing on February 17, 2018.

Professor Junichi Rekimoto, who served as the Chief Judge in the Creative Innovation Division, commented:
"Skin electronics" is exactly the unique technology that is nowhere else in the world other than here. Not only that. The more we talk about it, ideas sprout. "Can you use it for that?", "How about this?" I think "innovation" spreads in that way. It was wonderful for the team to be the trigger and to sow the seed for this.

※ AAAS is the abbreviation for American Association for the Advancement of Science, which promotes cooperation among scientists, protects scientific freedom, encourages information dissemination from the scientific community,
and is an organization supporting science education for the well-being of the whole mankind.

【Staff Credits】
■Promotion Movie
Producer: Shoichi Suwa
Director/Planner: Ryo Ihara
Color Grading/Online Editor: Masami Nikaido
Account Executive: Natsumi Morishita
Mixer: Akihiro Morita
Assistant Mixer: Ayami Fujiwara

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