We will exhibit at Content Tokyo 2019!



明後日、2019年4月3日(水)~4月5日(金)の3日間、東京ビッグサイトにて開催される「コンテンツ東京2019 先端デジタルテクノロジー展」に出展いたします!
< 見所 >
・ゾンビムービーの世界観をリアル体験することができる新規コンテンツ『SIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (“Gokko”)』の体験
・国内外の多くの賞で高評価をいただいたストップモーションアニメ「ノーマン・ザ・スノーマン」をVRコンテンツに進化させた『NORMAN THE SNOWMAN VR』の展示


「コンテンツ東京2019 先端デジタルテクノロジー展」
期 間:2019年4月3日(水)~4月5日(金)
時 間:10:00~18:00
会 場:東京ビックサイト 西1ホール【1-34】



We will exhibit in the Advanced Digital Technology Expo of Content Tokyo 2019, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from day after tomorrow, April 3 (Wed) through April 5 (Fri)!
< Highlights >
・Demonstration of the new content “SIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (“Gokko”) where viewers can realistically experience the worldview of a zombie movie
・Demonstration of “Ouchi de JAXA (JAXA at home)” where viewers can easily enjoy a VR experience of a rocket launch and the JAXA facilities at home
・Demonstration of the interactive content “TINT” where silhouettes and tints become fluid ink and viewers can move the streaming video
・Exhibition of “Norman the Snowman VR,” which has evolved the international award-winning stop-motion animation “Norman the Snowman” to VR content
・Coming to theaters in September this year! Exhibition of director Takeshi Yashiro’s fourth stop-motion animation “Gon, the Little Fox”

We invite you to come and experience our exhibit!!

「Content Tokyo 2019 Advanced Digital Technology Expo」
Dates: April 3 through April 5, 2019
Hours: 10am to 6pm
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall 1 (1–34)
Tickets: Free of charge
*Please register with this form before visiting.

Staff wearing an armband will shoot the event at the TAIYO KIKAKU Co., Ltd. Booth! Unless specified otherwise, we will presume that you consent to our video/still shooting and their use. Video and still footage will be used for the objectives below.

・To apply for advertising awards, exhibit in competitions, hold presentations, and create work portfolios
・Public relation activities such as posting in pamphlets distributed externally and our website
・Our company’s activity records and internal materials

We hope that you will experience our company booth!
If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed, please don’t hesitate to approach a nearby staff member.


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