Real Surround VR × Vibration Experience



実写VRにおいて、再現性が難しいとされていた立体音響※ を実現し、さらに音を振動に変換するユニットを組合せることで、新たな映像体験を可能にしました。


昨年末にリリースされた立体音響システムRezonance Audio をいち早く取り入れ、実写VRにおける音の再現性が現実世界に一歩近づ
きました。音楽アーティストとのコラボレーション(Music Video・ライブ映像)をはじめ、僻地や観光地をより魅力的に体感してもらう地方の観光プロモーションなどへの展開を考えています。

You can enjoy the integration of sound, visual, and vibration through the five senses with this experience-based VR content using Hacosco, vibrating headphones, and a vibrating unit at your feet. We achieved stereophonic sound*, which was said to be difficult to reproduce for live-action VR, and combined it with a unit that converts sound into vibration to make a new video experience possible.

With this content, you can sense fully sense with your entire body the sound direction and movement of an airplane passing by overhead, or the air vibration when a rocket is launched from Tanegashima Space Center. The positioning of sound changes according to which direction you are facing, so there is a vivid feeling of being in the actual location. You will also experience immersion (trip) with the vibration and explosive sound.

We were early in implementing the stereophonic sound system Rezonance Audio, which was released at the end of last year, and brought sound reproducibility in live-action VR a step closer to the real world. We are studying possible uses, such as collaborating with music artists (music videos, live show videos), as well as regional tourism promotions by offering more charming experiences of remote locations and tourist spots.

*A method that reproduces sound direction, distance, and expansion three-dimensionally


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