Norman The Snowman VR
ノーマン・ザ・スノーマン VR






この「ノーマン・ザ・スノーマン VR」は、人の手で一つ一つ作られた圧倒的なアナログクラフトの世界観をより深く、よ り近くに感じてもらうため、デジタルの力を借りて新たに作り出した3分間のデモ作品です。実際に撮影に使われた美術セットや人形を3Dスキャンし、本物の質感にこだわってCGデータ化し、360度のCG空間上にその舞台を再現、視聴者は物語の世界に入り込んだ感覚をVRゴーグルで体験することが出来ます。

2017年6月のコンテンツ東京で披露したこのデモ映像は、フルCGでもない、360 度実写映像でもない新しいジャ ンルのVR映像と して各方面から注目されました。そして現在、VRシアターやテーマパークでの展開を目指し、完成版を制作しています。


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The Norman the Snowman series is a stop-motion animation created for planetariums.

The two films in the series have been shown in around 50 planetariums across Japan and have become a massive hit, with even more planetariums to screen the films.

The director, Kenji Yashiro, worked on the filming, art, and editing for the films, and gave thorough attention to detail to craft these highly original visual experiences. The films have come to be adored not only by children, but every age group, and has crossed oceans to receive numerous prizes at international film festivals.

Norman the Snowman VR is a 3-minute demo film created using digital technology to give the viewers a deeper and closer perspective on the superbly hand-made analog craft. The sets and dolls used in the actual filming were 3D scanned and digitized into CG with attention paid to their realism. The stage was recreated in a 360-degree CG space, permitting viewers to dive right into the world of the story using VR goggles.

This demo film, which made its debut at Content Tokyo in June 2017, is gaining attention from all quarters for being neither full CG nor 360-degree actual footage, but a new genre of VR visuals. We’re currently working on a final version for release in VR theatres and theme parks.

Look for us in 2018!

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