Ouchi de JAXA




「おウチでJAXA」では、種子島宇宙センターでの「 H –Ⅱ A ロケット・H –Ⅱ B ロケット」や内之浦宇宙空間観測所での「イプシロンロケット」の打上げをリアルに体験したり、筑波、相模原、内之浦にあるJAXAの研究施設の内部を360°バーチャルツアーでお楽しみいただけます。製品版では5拠点・18の施設・3つのロケット打上げを収録し、VRで見学することができます。まずは、体験版をお楽しみください。



世界トップクラスの打上げ成功率と世界一のオンタイム打上げ率を誇る「H –Ⅱ A ロケット・H –Ⅱ B ロケット」は、日本初の純国産ロケット「H -Ⅱロケット」で培われた技術を基に開発され、多様な人工衛星・探査機の打上げを実現するロケット。 今回、「H –Ⅱ A ロケット」は、JAXAと三菱重工業株式会社の協力を得て、普段のメディア撮影場所と異なる種子島宇宙センター管理棟前の丘から特別に撮影を行いました。普段は見ることのできないロケット打上げの瞬間の特別映像や、1日では到底見きれない数の施設内部を、360°で存分に見学することができます。



hhttps://amzn.to/2TCj4Wj(一眼/2D: 年齢制限無し)
https://amzn.to/2EIRqTc(二眼/3D: 7歳以下は推奨しない)

We developed "Ouchi de JAXA" in collaboration with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) as the third series of "Series at Home".

In "Ouchi de JAXA", users can experience the real launch of "H-II A rocket and H-II B rocket" at Tanegashima Space Center and "Epsilon rocket" at Uchinoura Space Observatories. Users can also enjoy a 360o-virtual tour inside JAXA's research facilities in Tsukuba, Sagamihara, and Uchinoura. In the retail version, there are records on 3 rocket launches in 5 bases, 18 facilities, and it is possible to enjoy the records by VR. We recommend first-time users to enjoy the trial version first.

① Install "Hakosco" app.

② Access “Ouchi de JAXA (trial version)".

"H-II A rocket and H-II B rocket", which have the world's top class launching success rates and the world's best on-time launching rates, were developed using a technology that was used in Japan's first domestic rocket, the "H-II rocket". The rockets have been used to launch various satellites and probes. In cooperation with JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., In this app, "H-II A rocket" was specially filmed from the hill in front of the Tanegashima Space Center management building, which is different from the usual shooting location used by the media. Users can observe extraordinary videos of unique rocket launching moments and 360o-views of the inside of facilities that cannot be seen entirely in one day.

We hope that by using “Ouchi de JAXA”, children who often dream about space and everyone who cannot physically visit JAXA facilities can broaden their interests on space.

“Ouchi de JAXA” can be purchased from JAXA facilities, Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum, or Amazon.

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hhttps://amzn.to/2TCj4Wj(SLR/2D:For all ages)
https://amzn.to/2EIRqTc(TWIN/3D:For 7 years old and over)
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