Ouchi de NAOJ





Ouchi de NAOJ, users can go on a virtual reality expedition to explore the historic observation facilities and the latest laboratories of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan in Mitaka, Tokyo, as well as the NAOJ’s flagship Subaru Telescope located at the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Users can also enjoy a 360-degree perspective of the space simulation software MITAKA, Four-Dimensional Digital Universe software developed by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

The original design of the HACOSCO Package employs a cute interface that presents trivia on the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan to provide the user with both an educational and entertaining experience.

We have carried out the planning, development and product design entirely in house, and the product was developed with the general consumer in mind.
The product is provided in Museum Gift Shops for the special price of 1,200 yen (taxes not included).
We are currently working on more productions to serialize the Ouchi de project. Check back with us soon!


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