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シアター36○(シアター・サン・ロク・マル)は、12.8m(地球の直径の100万分の1) の球の中が全てスクリーンとなっていて、中央にあるブリッジから全方向の映像を見ることが出来る世界初の全球型映像施設です。視界すべてが繋ぎ目のない映像なので、まるで透明な乗り物に乗って映像で映し出されたバーチャル空間を浮遊しているような感覚を味わうことが出来ます。2006年に科博に設置されてから、今まで500万人もの観客を魅了してきました。(2017年4月現在)


「恐竜の世界–化石から読み解く–」 (2006年)
The ultimate in science entertainment movies, created with scientists!!

Theater 36○ is a 12.8 meter (one-millionth of the Earth’s diameter) spherical theater fully covered with screens inside. This is the world’s first fully spherical movie theater where visitors can view footage in all directions from a bridge in the center. Visibility is completely seamless, so they can experience the sensation of riding in a transparent vehicle and floating in the virtual space projected in the footage. As of April 2017, the theater has mesmerized five million visitors since opening at the Museum in 2006.

Of the five original movies currently being screened at the National Museum of Nature and Science, we produced four. With high-resolution CG footage based on the latest scientific theories at the time, these are science entertainment movies that maximize the floating and dynamic sensations unique to spherical movies and offer audiences the ultimate movie experience.

The Last Dinosaurs —Tale of the Fossils— (2006)
Mantle Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth: Earth’s Amazing Interior (2006)
The Universe: A Journey of 13.8 Billion Years – Everything Comes from the Stars (2011)
The Ocean Food Chain – This Flow of Energy from the Sun to the Bluefin Tuna Fish (2011)


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